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Retro TV

If you ever grew up with ye olde television set of the 1900's, you will recall the idea of television "channels" which you might "surf". They'd host all sorts of shows they thought people might like, just to keep you entertained in the moment. Some of them didn't even have any arcs or plot - but some did.

Miss those days? Well, do I have news for you!


If I sit down and try to list every modern streaming platform I honestly think I will puke, not gonna lie. So let's not do that. If you're anything like me, you hate those services. You buy a show, 6 months later, you apparently don't own it any more. You add a show to your list and it's gone next week. Re-watch something from a few years ago? Absolutely not. Want to watch anything at all, ever, even decades after it was released? You'll pay what we say you will and like it. Actually, now you have to add a subscription. Remove that other subscription. Don't forget to unsubscribe or we'll charge you for nothing next month.

Modern media moguls felt it encumbent upon themselves to make watching a show as difficult as possible. TV has, as a platform, always been where braincells go to die and call me a traditionalist, but I think it should stay that way. I don't want to have to try to solve a puzzle every time, and I definitely don't want to be wasting money.

Like any sane adult I'm all for supporting artists, but let's be real - they don't see much in terms of sales revenue these days. If I do happen to come across a movie or a show I love to watch, I am one of the first to go out and buy a DVD or Blu Ray for all that juicy extra content, not to mention it has the added benefit of keeping that anxious little being in my brain quiet. If the world should end and I no longer have internet, I will at least have my DVD's.

Soap box aside, there are options a modern consumer might take. I would never advise you to choose ANY path in this particular jungle of chaos lest I be smote across the mountain-side like Gandalf but one path I've heard of OTHER people taking (not myself ofc) is this one. Of course I am not giving you any advice on how to handle these matters and while we are in the walls of this fine establishment I dare not utter what legal implications there may be one way or another. I am many terrible things, but I am not and never will be, a lawyer.