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Retro Games

  • Internet Archive's Console Living Room: Free online resource to emulate dozens of different old gaming systems, from SNES to Atari to Sega and even some systems you've never heard of before - all free, all accessible to you, hours and hours of entertainment.
  • My Abandonware: Download retro games that have since been abandoned by their developers directly to your PC for access even when the internet's out.
  • Vimm's Lair: All things emulation for vintage titles.
  • Flashpoint Archive: An archive of many old Flash games. You will need to download Flashpoint, which is an open-source flash launcher. The link is on their site!
  • Blossom Doll Maker: Remember those dolls that used to be EVERYWHERE on the old web? Here's the doll maker for them!
  • Old School Runescape: A retro RPG - free to play, but there are premium services. RuneScape DOES have a modern version here as well.
  • Classic World of Warcraft: The classic experience of the famous MMORPG. The modern version is here, too.

Free Downloadable Games

Be careful about this section, because "free to play" often means "pay to win".

  • Steam's Free to Play Games: Free games that are available via the Steam platfrom. You'll have to download Steam first.
  • Bluestacks: This is an android emulator for your PC. Once you download this, you can emulate any android app. The Google Play store has tons of free games, but watch out for the ads!

Free Online Games

I recommend installing an adblocker add-on on your browser before viewing these, just makes life easier. It's legal and takes 2 minutes if you haven't already. uBlock is the gold standard.

  • Addicting Games: Free simple little online games, just like the good old days. Kind of comparable to modern phone app games, but no pay-to-win.
  • Arkadium: More modern free online games - most of the defaults on here like Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, bubble shooters, crosswords, solitaire, etc.
  • A site with a bunch of different dress up games on it for free!
  • Cookie Clicker: The OG idle game. Click the cookie, try not to get sucked into a 10-day bleary eyed cookie clicking abyss.
  • Neopets: Officially moved this to current free online games - this site has a TOTALLY different look and feel from back in the day, and different gameplay. If you've never played this or haven't in ages, I recommend taking a look.
  • Flight Rising: This one is also kind of a classic, but the site is still going strong, and it's more recent than some. Raise, customize, and breed your own very cool dragons!

To Do

  • My favorite current games
  • My favorite games as a kid
  • Do you have any ideas/input? Contact me!